Lyn Wood, President

Lyn Wood,

Heather Wilks

Heather Wilks,

DSV Founder, George Williams (dec.)

DSV Founder,
George Williams (dec.)

Our history

The Victorian Dowsing & Radiesthesia Group was formed in 1973. It was renamed the Dowsing Society of Victoria Inc. (DSV) in 1997 when it became an incorporated body.

It all started when a weekend dowsing seminar was held in Ballarat in central Victoria (Australia) in November 1972 as many members of the British Society of Dowsers lived in the area. Then on 17th March 1974, a meeting was held at Baldavin Park, Strathbogie to take advantage of a visit to Australia by the Vice-President of the American Dowsing Society. Another meeting was held in 1975 at the home of George Williams in Nunawading, a suburb of Melbourne, (Vic) which became the main centre for many years.

As the desire for more meetings grew, a Committee was formed. Today the DSV sells copies of “George’s Story”, which relates the official history of the Dowsing Society of Victoria Inc.

The DSV today

We meet on six Sundays each year in February, April (AGM), June, August, October and November. Our meetings are held at the Mount Waverley Community Centre in Miller Crescent, Mount Waverley (opposite Mount Waverley Railway Station).

It's a good idea to arrive around 1.45 pm on meeting days. From 2.00 pm we feature a guest speaker - or sometimes a panel - presenting on dowsing, geomancy, feng shui, healing and other related topics.

An afternoon tea break follows, allowing members and visitors an opportunity to share ideas with like-minded people. Questions are answered after the break and then the raffle is drawn.

From time to time we also arrange field trips to interesting locations where everyone is encouraged to use rods, pendulums or a dowsing wiz to dowse the energies of the area.