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DSV meetings are held at
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The next DSV meeting

Sunday 25 August 2019

Angelo Eliades
Angelo Eliades

We’re pleased to be welcoming Angelo Eliades to present to the DSV for the first time on Sunday 25 August.

Angelo is a writer and presenter in the areas of sustainable gardening and permaculture.

However, his connection to Nature and his experiences working with the energies of Nature, People and Places goes much deeper.

Angelo currently performs shamanic healing work at a healing centre. He uses shamanic journeying techniques to help others go deep within to find and retrieve the parts of their psyche or spirit which have become “lost” or fragmented through trauma. Angelo’s aim is to help reintegrate these sorts of aspects, allowing people to recover and become whole again.


His other line of work is energy clearing of homes and other locations. Angelo specialises in last-resort cases where things go bump in the night in a really bad way.

Over the last 20 years he has worked as a professional tarot and psychometry reader, a Reiki teacher and a dream analyst. He has been extensively involved with energy-work practices for the purpose of connecting to spiritual paths and to Nature.

Angelo will structure his talk to include:

  • The ancient healing practice of the shamanic path, and working with Nature.
  • Understanding what the shaman’s spirit allies really are - totem animals, spirit guides and Nature spirits.
  • The etheric and astral worlds, the inhabitants and their interaction with Earth energy lines and human energies.
  • The trials and tribulations of energy clearing work and the differences it can make when done well.

We look forward to seeing you.