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DSV meetings are held at
Mount Waverley Community Centre,
47 Miller Street,
Mount Waverley Vic.
Melways 70 E 1 - see map

The next DSV meeting

Sunday, 28 April 2019



After the AGM, the DSV will present a showing of a filmed interview with Barry Templeton from Ballarat in Central Victoria. Barry works with horses and greyhounds, using hair analysis and homeopathic remedies.

We aim to keep the formalities short at our AGM which is to be held on Sunday 28 April. We’re all keen to move onto the day’s main feature. To be eligible to vote or nominate for the DSV Committee, you need to be a paid-up member. We invite you to consider standing for a position yourself. New ideas and new energy are always welcome at the DSV. As Lyn Wood explained in her President’s Report above, it has now become essential for our future that we have new people joining us on the Committee. It will allow those who need to step aside from the DSV Committee to do so without undue strain and stress.

We’re a friendly bunch and joining us gives you the opportunity to contribute directly to the DSV and find out more about us.

In January, a small group of DSV members, led by Lyn Wood, travelled to Ballarat in central Victoria to meet and interview Barry Templeton.

Lyn had become fascinated about his various ways of working with energy to treat horses and dogs for all kinds of conditions without drugs. They’d been in touch by phone about his work. Barry preferred not to travel to present to our meeting in Melbourne in person, so the decision was made for some of the DSV to go to him.

We’re grateful to Stefan Bock from the Committee who kindly filmed Lyn’s conversation with Barry.

We are screening the interview at the DSV meeting after the AGM preliminaries.

Barry spoke about how he became interested and the various ways he’s been working to help animals (sometimes people) since 1994. He uses hair analysis combined with homeopathic medications and non-invasive radionics procedures to treat various problems.

He works with race horses and greyhounds, getting involved in their nutritional needs and providing specialised treatments,

Barry tests and treats for herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, lactic and uric acid levels, food allergies, heavy metals, medical drug residues, internal parasites, kidney and liver infections, stomach ulcers, viral infections, arthritis and residual bacterial infections.

We hope you’ll join us on Sunday 28 April for this unique interview on film.
You can contact Barry on (03) 5335 5629 and/or view his website: www.barrytempletonhairanalysis.com.au