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The next DSV meeting

Sunday 16 June 2019

flowering gum

We are pleased to announce there will be a presentation about “The Wonder of Trees”.

As a child in rural Victoria, Australia, Chris used to see the golden aura surrounding the big gum trees and the farmland. She naturally thought that’s what everyone saw and so didn’t think to talk about it at the time.

As she grew up, life became busier and she stopped noticing. It wasn’t until she was in her forties and had experienced some family deaths that her grief brought her back to her centre.

Through meditation she reconnected with nature. By taking off her glasses, she could again see little energy forms around tree canopies and she could see and feel the golden aura. Some trees had bigger auras and energy forms, depending on their size and health. A Tibetan monk once told her that the older and bigger the tree, the more nature spirits, energy spirits could be accommodated in a tree’s vibrating energy.

In a town park Chris observed that the trees which had been introduced to this country had a different, offbeat rhythm/vibration to the native Australian trees. It felt to her as though they knew that they didn’t quite belong and weren’t totally compatible with this land and climate.

Driving home one evening, she was drawn to a straight, single line of trees. She’d driven past often before but felt they had something to share. She slowed down and was struck by a feeling of profound sadness. She received a clear message that, man plants trees in a straight line for his own needs, but in nature that never happens. She noticed one tree leaning on an angle, twisted with its branches laying in the branches – like arms of another tree.

In nature trees sprout and grow from seeds scattered, blown by the wind and which are then washed into a natural order by rains and flooding waters, as they naturally prefer. Their message seemed to say they are meant to lay in each other’s arms (branches) as they would in the bush, supporting each other. As humans, Chris believes we are no different, as we love to lay in each other’s arms and supporting each other is in our core nature.

Chris has many more fascinating stories to share. Lyn will tell us about her own observations and experiences too.

Photograph, by Lyn Wood, of a twisted tree taken in Tungamah, in the Goulburn Valley region of Northern Victoria.

When we decided to feature “The Wonder of Trees” for June, DSV Committee member Lolita Gunning told us that when she was in the Northern Territory some years ago, she met with a group in the Darwin Botanical Gardens to sit under the “Queen Tree”. When Lolita asked about it she was told that when you can feel the powerful and majestic energy coming from one particular tree in a group, it is known as “The Queen Tree”.

On 16 June, we will show some interesting videos, including one called “Tree Time Stories”, featuring Aboriginal Elder, Uncle Max.