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DSV meetings are held at
Mount Waverley Community Centre,
47 Miller Street,
Mount Waverley Vic.
Melways 70 E 1 - see map

The next DSV meeting

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Carol Partridge

Carrol Partridge

We look forward to welcoming Carol Partridge as a new presenter to our meeting on Sunday 18 February. Carol will speak on Feng Shui Fundamentals and How Feng Shui can Benefit your Life.
Carol is the founder of Sacred Feng Shui Design. She has conducted consultations for homes and businesses for over a decade. Carol is considered an expert and has featured in favourable press, radio and TV coverage.
Feng Shui is the ancient oriental art of enhancing and harmonising the flow of energy in our surroundings. Carol’s intention for our DSV meeting is to explain it simply, de-mystifying the art to provide practical, easy ideas to implement solutions for our personal surrounds.

Carol intends to help each of us to understand our own homes and how the energy (chi) works within it.

She will also talk about:
•  Why we live where we do (no accident)
•  What the numbers of our homes mean
•  The four celestial animals and their meanings
•  Best directions to sleep and work
•  What clutter has to do with it
•  8 compass directions and 8 areas of our lives to support those
•  Room by room analysis
•  Ideal furniture placement

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For further details about Carol Partridge:

• Site: www.sacredfengshuidesign.com.au
• Email carol@sacredfengshuidesign.com.au
• Mobile: 0434 880 411  • Freecall: 1300 728 279