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DSV meetings are held at
Mount Waverley Community Centre,
47 Miller Street,
Mount Waverley Vic.
Melways 70 E 1 - see map

The next DSV meeting

Sunday 16 February 2020

To commence our DSV year, we are delighted to introduce an International speaker who is new to the DSV, Benjamin Turale.

Benjamin was fascinated with the occult world from an early age. He was raised in the ‘goldfields’ area near Ballarat, Victoria. His father was a prospector and the early experiences Benjamin had with him left an indelible impression.

As a teenager, he dabbled in western magical practices. After a healing crisis in his 20s he embraced Buddhism and temporarily became a Buddhist monk.

He went on to qualify as a transpersonal therapist and then returned to western mystery traditions and alchemy through Carl Jung. Benjamin then encountered a true alchemy teacher and certified as a teacher at the International Alchemy Guild.

Today Benjamin’s interests lie in the intersection between alchemy, ceremonial magic and astrology.


Happily, Benjamin is creating an entirely new presentation for the DSV titled, ‘Synchronicity, Alchemy and Magick’. His presentation to us will be an exploration of universal principles that govern the connections between the mind, body and the effect that consciousness has on our reality.


Benjamin’s topics surely speak to all of us dowsers. Be sure to bring your friends along. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 16 February.
This presentation promises to be a wonderful launch for the DSV in 2020.

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