Items for Sale at our Meetings

At each DSV meeting we offer a range of products for sale. Items often vary from meeting to meeting, but always include some fabulous pendulums, dowsing rods, books, CDs, DVDs and reference material. All items are attractively priced.

We are pleased to confirm that the DSV shop stocks a wide range of items. This includes a broad range of different rods and pendulums. Although we don't promote the need for expensive tools, we realise that some members appreciate having more styles to choose from and our lines reflect that.

We are well stocked with a good range of dowsing books for purchase.

As well, we have many popular items from Raymon Grace in America, including his wonderful books: "Techniques That Work For Me" and "The Future in Yours". Plus, we also offer some of Raymon's DVDs.

The DSV's range of reference materials includes information sheets and charts, introductory summaries, and other items of interest to dowsers.

Many of our guest speakers offer products for sale on the day of his/her presentation to the DSV.

And with their permission, our speakers are usually recorded. Until 2016 these have been offered as CDs of the talks for a nominal fee. However, from 2016 we've been recording DVDs of our speakers.

You can purchase any of the CDs or DVDs at a DSV meeting, or you can order them by post.

The CDs from our various presentations are available at meetings for $AU5.00 each. Great to purchase for yourself and wonderful to give as a gift. The DVDs are now for sale for $AU10.00 each.


Our CDs or DVDs can be ordered and posted to you. Please add $AU8 for pack and post costs (for up to four discs) mailed within Australia. (For NZ add $AU15. For Asia add $AU18. For everywhere else in the world please add $AU20.)

Simply send a note, giving us your name, full address, the names of the CDs or DVDs you’d like to order and enclose a cheque or money order (including postage) to: The DSV.
Post to “DSV, PO Box 2635, Mount Waverley, Vic 3149 Australia”.

Speakers from 2008 - 2015
1. Dianne Ward - Mystic Calendar.
2. Christine Rothwell – Astrology.
3. Bill Patterson – Meditation.
4. Joan Evans –  2009 Hawaiian Energies.
5. Charles Cheesman – Aetheric Connections
6. Lyn Wood – House Clearing
7. Heather Wilks – Pendulum Dowsing
8. Dennis Toop – Dowsing “Unsaleable” Houses
9. Carolyn Koludrovic – Dowsing
10. Bernadette Saulenier – Dowsing for Health
11. Fred Ward – Map Dowsing
12. Tony Hill – Physics Meets Metaphysics
13. François Capmeil – Exploring the Ley Lines of Europe
14. Claire Porter – Energy is a Miracle
15. Lyn McLean – Energy/Electronic Radiation
16. Carolyn Koludrovic – The Human Aura
17. Brett Hedger -  Sufficiency & Sustainability
18. Tony Hill – Dowsing, Radionics & Subtle Energy
19. Mick Moran – Pendulum Dowsing
20. Tony Hill – Approached to Dowsing Influenced by Joey Korn & Raymon Grace
21. Heather Wilks – Pendulum Dowsing & FasterEFT
22. Justus Lewis – EMF Balancing
23. DSV Panel – Dowsing Questions, Group Discussion
24. Noel Jordan – Communicating with Other Species
25. DSV Group Discussion, Questions & Comments on Dowsing
26. DSV 26. Alan Robison –Brooker Colour Therapy
27. Maya Ward – Pilgrimage Along the Yarra River
28. Dennis Toop –Dowsing Property, Reverse Speech
29. Alanna Moore – Dowsing Earth Mysteries & Stone Arrangements
30. Mick Moran – Energy Dowsing & House & Property Clearing
31.Geoff French – Energy Correction Methods using Inner Self Energy Cards
32. Heather Wilks -  Raymon Grace’s Online Workshop Report
33. Erika Soul – Energy Dowsing
34. Michael Morrison – Bio Fuel Composting
35. Mari Metcalf – Archaeological Dowsing in England
36. Chris Gerrett – Dowsing & Life Experiences (with Lyn Wood)
37. Tony Hill – Water - Part 1 of 2
38. Tony Hill – Water - Part 2 of 2
39. Juliet Gauci –Astrology & Palmistry

2016 DVDs
40. Malcolm Davies, Judy Boyd – Of Cockatiel, Souls, Spirits & Shuffling Off The Mortal Coil (CD and DVD available)

41. Erika & Lolita – Heart, Brain & Body Connection
42. Joanna Sgarioto – UFO Experiences and Feng Shui
43. Kevin Hughes – Soil to Soul
44. Heather Wilks  - Releasing Christmas Stress

2017-2018 DVDs
45. Richard Presser PhD - Keshe products
46. Mick Moran - Healing with Dowsing
47. Michael Czajka PhD, About EMFs
48. Erika Soul, Abundance & Prosperity
49. Mary Nicholls, Brain Gym
50. Alison Lovett - Flower Essence
51. Carol Partridge - Feng Shui
52. Keith Hulstaert - Walking the Camino
53. Lyn Wood - Dowsing Properties
54. DSV Panel, answering dowsing questions
55. Dr Gurnam Saini, Ayervedic Medicine
56. Debbie Swingler, Dowsing to contact spirits
57. The Wonder of Trees
58. Angelo Eliades, The Shamanic Path
59. Kate Relph, Dowsing, Paranormal
60. Mary Ward, Imagery and Music