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DSV meetings are held at
Mount Waverley Community Centre,
47 Miller Street,
Mount Waverley Vic.
Melways 70 E 1 - see map

The next DSV meeting

21 February 2021

Heather Wilks, DSV Vice-President and Newsletter Editor will present on “Releasing Anxiety, Stress and Exhaustion”.

It’s now a full year since we last held a DSV meeting. Hard to believe. However, we’re now ready to begin again.

For this next meeting on Sunday 21 February, I will present – as your friendly Editor and Vice-President. My subject is “Releasing Anxiety, Stress and Exhaustion”. All very timely during this covid chaos.

I’ll be using Dowsing protocols to help ease the effects of the covid situation. They’re designed to help you with your personal experiences since the pandemic began and to encourage you to dowse regularly to minimise those responses as we go forward.
I will also use some other tools which help to overcome stress. I find that Tapping combines wonderfully well with Dowsing. (It’s also a very good way to overcome doubts about trusting your dowsing outcomes.)

Bi-lateral Stimulation is another tool which I’ll share. It’s a simple way of synchronizing the brain – activating both brain hemispheres to the same frequency, spreading blood and electrical impulses throughout the brain. That action floods the area of association and diffuses anxiety and much more. Please bring a small ball or a small piece of fruit for the best experience of this tool.


To round off the day, we will show a couple of short videos from Raymon Grace – his recent “Problem Package” film and his “Random Acts of Kindness” film are quite unique and so helpful for us all in these very odd times.



I invite you to bring a list of all of the issues you’d like to work on. You can include your own and those of your friends and family.

Together, as a group, we can work to maximise our Intentions to make 2021 Happy, Healthy, and Abundant, in every way possible.
Websites:  heatherwilks.com and dowsingheals.com

Emails:   heather@ohnaturale.com  and heather@dowsingheals.com