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DSV meetings are held at
Mount Waverley Community Centre,
47 Miller Street,
Mount Waverley Vic.
Melways 70 E 1 - see map


The next DSV meeting



We are delighted that Juanita Smith is our presenter in May. Juanita is a clinical Hypnotherapist from Activate Hypnotherapy in Sydney. She specialises in helping people overcome addictions and underlying trauma.


Juanita grew up surrounded by poverty and trauma in an environment where addiction seemed quite normal. She feels she could easily have followed that path herself, but instead took another direction, taking her to where she is today.

Her presentation to the DSV will be an introduction to Hypnosis. Juanita will explain how we can enable mastery in all areas of our lives by working directly with the unconscious mind. 

She will talk about why it is so difficult to follow through to break away from old habits and effectively create new habits.

Juanita’s presentation will include a group hypnotherapy process for Healing, Letting go of the Old and Being Ready for Change and New Beginnings.

Is it a habit

Juanita is generously offering a PDF version of her book to each person who participates in the DSV Zoom session on 29 May. Her book is titled, “Is It A Habit Or An Addiction?"

It lays out her simple, step-by-step system that has been incredibly effective in helping thousands of clients overcome addiction.

Her book is ideal for anyone wanting to break free from addictions to food, cigarettes, drugs, gambling or any other substance. Juanita says her system works whether there are underlying traumas or if it comes down to a habitual pattern.

Juanita offers a 20-minute Courtesy Consultation via this link.

She runs an accredited and internationally recognised Hypnotherapy Certification course which includes specialist training in Weight Loss, Quit Smoking and Anxiety. 

This promises to be a fascinating DSV meeting via Zoom om 29 May and we hope you can join us.
To contact Juanita:
M: 0416 209 724
E: juanita.activatehypnotherapy@gmail.com
W: www.activatehypnotherapy.com.au

Activate Hypnotherapy

Weekly Online Dowsing

Each Friday (12 noon Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra time) Heather Wilks and fellow dowser, Frances Peterson, hold a short dowsing session to address the energies associated with world problems. This initiative began with addressing Covid issues and has now extended to cover other issues that are weighing on us all.

They’ve been faithfully leading this initiative for two years. Heather now offers a guided group visualisation after the online dowsing. It helps encourage us to peacefully imagine how we’d like things to transform for a new Golden Era. A number of DSV members, along with dowsers from Australia and overseas, meet on the call when their time allows.
You’re invited to join in at 12 noon Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra time. Just go directly to Zoom with these details:

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82228820878
Meeting ID: 822 2882 0878 Passcode: 324825
Alternatively, you can later watch and dowse along to the replay on Facebook.
Go to Heather Wilks’ Facebook page, “Dowsing for Australia and Beyond” (Frances Peterson’s Facebook group) and/or “How to dowse with rods and pendulums” (DSV Committee Member, Mick Moran’s Facebook group).